We’re back with this week’s edition of Week Zero! We have a few surprises for you this week.

First off, after last week’s ‘way too long’ episode, we have made great strides. We put ourselves on notice and the ‘self-imposed sanctions’ seem to be working. This week we believe we’ve brought you our best, most complete, episode to date – at only 1 hour and 16 minutes! How’s that for progress?!

In this week’s episode Pettey is moved to tears by our All the Feels segment, and we’ve  got a delicious bourbon for you all to try in our Saturday Morning Cocktail segment. We also discuss some weirdness with a particular coach’s wife, and don’t worry, as always we will bring you our Pick 3, This Week in Sports, Game Breakdowns and the Darwin Life Champion – where we learn of a very interesting place to hide your contraband if you are on the way to prison. And finally, with our best fun fact of the season, we hit you with knowledge about Uranus.

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