I was so good at picking games last week, because all the games went to script, I had to come back for more. My always traveling co-host enjoyed it so much he decided to join in the fun. I will give him a list of the games to pick and break down, but I will not allow him to cheat off my awesome picks!  If you can’t laugh at your team this may be a tough read for you….

LSU @ 10 Florida | Postponed

Pettey: So, Dan wanted a full stadium this weekend after his team crumbled under the weight of a half full stadium in Aggieland.  That worked out well.

Pettey’s Pick: Covid 1 | Mullen 0

Michael: How is Florida still #10?! Jimbo says thanks for saving his cushy job, Dan. The Gators gotta be embarrassed, especially after the spanking the Tide put on A&M a week earlier.

Michael’s Pick: I pick both teams to lose 0 – 0.

Kentucky @ 14 Tennessee -6 | o/u 45.5 | Noon Eastern | Jefferson Pilot | Rocky Top

Pettey: For a half against Georgia the Vols were back…then they weren’t. Kentucky scored all of Mississippi States points. The Cats were outgained 2-1 by state in total yard.  The Vols will at least be back this week.

Pettey’s Pick: Rocky Top 31 | Basketball Fans 10

Michael: I think the Tennessee Hound Dogs are a solid #3 in the east. They’re functional on offense for the first time in this century. The Blue Cats look to be losing steam. I’m taking the Vols. This is what I call a “pleasure hedge”. If UT loses, awesome. If they win, at least I get this pick.

Michael’s Pick: UT 34 | UK 17

13 Auburn -2.5 @ South Carolina | o/u 52.5 | Noon Eastern | ESPN |Chicken Coup

Pettey: Fans of both teams will probably be cheering for the same team this weekend. Auburn fans, if you want the Gus Bus gone… well, in honor of Mandalorian coming out this month, let’s just say: this IS the way. I think Coach Boom helps you some this weekend.

Pettey’s Pick: Cocks (works… every… time)  28 | Angry Plains People 24

Michael: The Gus Bus has 2 wheels in a ditch going down a hill with no brakes. Fans of the Barn have already jumped ship. Let’s face it, you have to be bad to lose to South Carolina. Full stop.

Michael’s Pick: Kittys 13 | Cocks 21 (sounds like a porno)

Ole Miss -1.5 @ Arkansas | o/u 76.5 | 3:30 Eastern | ESPN2 | Deliverance

Pettey: The Over, BET THE FLIPPING OVER! The Ole Miss offense is nothing short of badass. Their defense sucks the aforementioned dirty word.  Sooie is surprisingly competent with Pittman. This game has some intrigue, thanks to the coaches.

Pettey’s Pick: Lane Train 75 | Plastic Pig Hat Wearers 72

Michael: I doubt we will see any offense in this game.

Michael’s Pick: Rebs 6 | Pigs 5 (x 10)

21 Texas A&M -5 @ Pirate Pups | o/u 55 | 4:00 E | SECN | StarkVegas

Pettey: TheAggies made me eat a little crow last week, taking it to the Gators. I honestly think the Pirate will win at State. But, I believe there is trouble with this group in Starkville, and it may get worse before it gets better. I have a sneaky suspicion this theme will continue to play this weekend. Based off last week’s picks, that’s good news for state.

Pettey’s Pick: Dude Cheerleaders | 45 Bell Ringers 21

Michael: I think Jimbo has gained some momentum after Mullen’s bed pooping last week. Look for the Agriculture School from Texas to beat up on the Agriculture School from Mississippi.

Michael’s Pick: TA&M 31 | MA&M 10

3 Georgia @ 2 Alabama -4.5 | o/u 58 | 8:00 E | Title Town

Pettey: Oh the irony… If Kirby finally gets Bama, and Saban isn’t on the sideline, this would be glorious. When Big Al starts signaling plays, look out, it might be a short angry imposter. I expect the Tide defense to look little better this weekend. After all, when was the last time a team moved the ball that way on the Bama? And how did things turn out the next week? UGA Defense is good but gets their first serious test.

Pettey’s Pick: Pachyderms 35 | Sick-Em 31

Michael: **HOMER ALERT** UGA will find out what a real offense looks like this week. The dawgs better be planning a blackout or something more effective. Because here’s the deal, Bama has a backup QB. And in recent meetings, that’s about all it has taken. Take the H20 in this one

Michael’s Pick: God’s Tide 45 (shout out to David at Custom Plumbing for that one) | Blackout Blackeyes 17