​I mentioned the return of parity for college football in one of my earlier ponderings. In what was an otherwise dead slate of games, that “p” word was able to rear its lovely head again last weekend. I thought Clemson would lose again this year, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. Oklahoma is flirting with disaster and will eventually get burned, and Ohio St. is also playing with fire. Can the Rebellion from Oxford further murk the once stable waters of the football playoff? Former All-SEC linebacker from Bama, Marvin Constant, had some interesting insights in this week’s pod:

SEC Refs Got the Memo

What memo you ask? Well, the one that said: we know you are incompetent but please let your incompetence work in favor of the league not against it. So, the refs that botched the Mississippi St / Memphis game a week ago in favor of the CUSA team, got their crap together and completely botched a call that aided Auburn’s miraculous comeback against mighty Georgia St. The incompetent ref situation in the SEC is getting out of hand. On a positive note for Auburn, it appears your coach finally figured out Bo Nix isn’t very good. He’s just kind of an average Joe. Speaking of…

Just An Average Jimbo

Take away Jameis Winston and Jimbo Fisher, is Gene Chizick, Ed O, or Les Miles. He caught lightning in a bottle one year and has been average every year hence forth. He trashed FSU on his way out of the door and has underachieved during his time at A&M. The backup QB is bad, but I wasn’t really impressed with the starter. I expected the offense to score more on…

A-pork-alypse Now

Ole Miss and Arkansas are in the top 12 of the AP College Football Poll. What world are we living in? Arky did to A&M exactly what I thought A&M would do to them. They made the offense one dimensional and scored just enough to pull away. The offense wasn’t great, but it did enough, and the Hog defense shut down the anemic Aggie offense. Georgia is a better version of what they saw this week and the Razorback QB is now banged up.

The line on this game is so funky, Georgia is favored by 18. Does Vegas really thing public perception is still that low of the Hogs? What has UGA done offensively to make anyone think they could cover a spread that big? Their win against Clemson doesn’t look so mighty now. This will also be Sam Pittman’s first shot at is old team. I thought last week was going to tell us how good the Hogs were. I think it revealed more how bad the Aggies are, we will absolutely know the tale of the Hog when this week is done. But so far, they haven’t missed any opportunities, unlike…

Miss<ed Opportunity> State

When you play a superiorly talented team, you want to control the time of possession, keep their offense on the sideline and wear their defense out. Mississippi State did all those things against LSU and still lost. After multiple missed opportunities in the red zone that resulted in no points and DB’s running into each other and knocking themselves out, the Bulldogs still had a shot with an onside kick at the end of the game. Of course, it was another missed opportunity as the ball only traveled 4 yards.

After the officials stole one from the Bulldogs last week, and they stole one from themselves this week, it appears the boys from Starkville are racking up more what if’s than W’s. The Leech experiment isn’t working, it doesn’t work, it’s a horrible fit, program and coaching wise, and it is starting to show. Also showing in the contest was the further realization that LSU is the worst coached talented team in the country. Their losses are coming. So is the end for Eddie O’ Chizick?

Put The Women and Children to Bed…

…and let’s go looking for dinner. These were the words uttered by Joe Cain of ECU before his famous Heisman showdown with Tim Wayman of Michigan.

Not since that game in the early 90’s has there been a bigger Heisman showdown than that of the one you will see this Saturday in Bryant Denny Stadium.

On a serious note, I’m a different Rebel. The way I view football was reforged in the Crimson shrouded mecca of college football that is Tuscaloosa – after growing up Red and Blue in the ‘sip. All this positivity is coming towards the Rebs from Bama nation is like the twilight zone. I never expect Ole Miss to beat Bama because they hardly do. However, it appears Lane really paid attention during his time with Saban. Their back-and-forth chess match to start the week with the media was fabulous for the football junkie.

I have no idea what will go down on Saturday other than Gary Danielson pissing off both fan bases. But I do know this, I’m glad to see my Rebs back on that stage with the Tide! Choo Choo!!

The Rest of the SEC

Florida – I must give credit. I expected a letdown of sorts. Instead, Mullen went back to his ways of actively trying to cover spreads by throwing passes late in games, up multiple scores. He seriously puled the B.S. I am used to seeing from him when I finally went against him. Man, I hate that dude.

Kentucky – Stoops definitely makes the most of average. He gets the gators this week and they aren’t average. I have a feeling the Florida streak of dominating the Kats continues.

Mizzou – They got beat by a 56-yard Fg and overtime. I know this because I read about it. I have still yet to see one play from a Mizzou game.

South Carolina – I don’t know. Does anyone care? They’re below average on the weak side of the conference.

Tennessee – I watch garbage teams backdoor cover spreads all the time. You aren’t even on that level. You couldn’t score when the other team quit. That’s how bad you suck.

Vandy – At this point it may be worth letting the rest of the girls on the soccer team join and take over.

Window Dressing

Wisconsin – You had one job – to beat a mediocre Notre Dame team. Instead, you served me my yearly reminder that you are one of the most painfully overrated teams in college football and I hate watching you play. Your slow unimaginative brand of football is an abomination to the sport, and you owe severance pay to fans that spend time watching your garbage. Jump Around is cool though.


Hey Cowherd, you really want to know what a dynasty looks like when it is over. I present you the Tigers of Clemson.

Oklahoma is going to lose. It is inevitable. Ohio St. will also drop another. That means actual parity. If Ole Miss can do the unthinkable the entire playoff cart could be up ended. So, with that said we are all Rebels right?… Right? My editor is shaking his head side to side sternly as he reads this.

Once again, if you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think! See you all next week! Also, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!!