The return of full stadiums has provided the re-emergence of home-field advantage this year, and that dynamic was on full display last weekend. Crowds were able to rattle a usually un-rattle-able Tide. The fumes of burning couches in Morgantown confused the Hokies. The Penn St. fans were so spooky with their “white out” they made the officials forget how to count.

Speaking of spooky white, several ghosts came back to haunt Auburn this weekend in Happy Valley. Down in the Swamp, Florida put Bama on the ropes. State got royally screwed in Memphis, and I am going to do all I can to keep my Ole Miss thoughts to a less than nauseatingly homer-istic level. But be warned I’m not sure I can.

3rd & Golding Returns in the Swamp

The game started exactly how I surmised here last week. The script had worked to perfection and the Tide stormed to a 21-3 lead. Then it got weird. Florida actually took control of the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball which was shocking. Even more shocking was them racking up a lot of yards on the ground without much of a threat thru the air. Ohio St. was the last team I saw do that to Bama. The cries for a certain defensive coordinator’s head are starting to get loud again in Title-town. A certain former star linebacker for the Tide – who may be making a guest appearance on our show next week – started the movement on The Bama Standard. Marvin Constant brought a homemade #firepete shirt to his program.

As I mentioned at the top, the crowd played a huge factor causing multiple false starts and several that turned short yardage situations into longer conversion attempts. These kids playing in empty stadiums and not facing crowds has become a real factor and is something to keep an eye on in big games going forward. Here’s looking at you in two weeks Ole Miss. You can’t simulate that environment in practice, and it has been a shock to the system for many teams. On the positive note for the Tide, they did what champions do. They took it on the chin and answered the proverbial bell when they had to. Young showed tremendous poise for a rookie in his first true road test. Many see that game as a chink in the Tides armor. It could also be viewed as a perfect early season teaching moment that will make them better prepared when a certain offensive “Train” rolls to town in two weeks. Speaking of trains and toys.

It’s Like I’m Holding a PlayStation Remote…

…when I watch Ole Miss on offense. Kiffin’s gameplan is as close to the mentality of that asshole friend that never punted on PlayStation, regardless of score, as anyone I have ever seen. Up 30 points on his own 30-yard line, he went for it on 4th and 1. I have watched a lot of football in my life, and I have only seen that happen on a video game. Several will argue it was in poor form, my co-host being one, and you are probably right.

But… and I think this is what takes his endearment to the Rebel fans over the top… he doesn’t care. As much as MSU embraces the blue-collar down and dirty role, Ole Miss embraces the flashy, brash in your face bit, and Kiffin brings that in spades. Again, we get it, it bites us more than it doesn’t, but Kiffin is doing it in a way that it hasn’t been done before in Oxford, so excuse us if we embrace a little brashness after the last several years of futility.

Three weeks into the season a kid that was about to transfer under the previous regime is the current front runner for the Heisman, according to the Vegas odds. There is not a team or fan base in the country that wants to deal with that offense right now. Including the one in Tuscaloosa – that wants to fire their DC. While I am mentioning Corral, I am going to have heart issues every time that kid runs. Learn to slide! Bama will knock your head clean off.

The Rebearsharks now have a pulse on defense, and this is a team that has a chance every Saturday. That couldn’t be said as recent as last season. Kiffin put this transformation into “Ludicrous Speed.” Of course, it could all come crashing down in two Saturdays when the Rebs travel to the ever-so-friendly confines of Bryant Denny. But for the next two weeks I get to dream… and maybe even beyond. Speaking of dreams…

Auburn was in a Déjà vu Nightmare

The ghosts of Auburn’s past came back to haunt them Saturday night amidst the White Out” in Beaver Stadium. A fathers failed attempt in the same stadium 3 decades prior could have forecasted things to come. The ghost of a former coach’s playbook, that was thought dead and buried in the abyss of Central Florida, also came back to severely bite the Tigers. Here’s looking at you, receiver reverse to open the second half. That play resulted in the kid just laying it on the ground. Then you have the fabulous fade on the goal like when you have a human cannon ball in the freaking backfield. I mean damnit Auburn, I told the world you were going to whip that tail, and this is how you repay my stupid S – E – C – S – E – C, confidence – by getting outcoached by James Franklin!?! The refs even did their best to help you by forgetting how to count. I’m not going on another targeting rant, but the one on the Auburn kid is as dumb as I have seen. So, you can’t hit with the shoulder now? Speaking of good reffing…

Blaming the Refs is Weak Sauce

It is usually a loser’s cry when avoiding all the other crappy things their team did that actually prevented them from winning. However, if you were one of the State fans watching, or degenerates such as myself that had multiple games going at once, there really isn’t much of argument. When an Ole Miss fan thinks Mississippi State got screwed, they got screwed.

That loss could be monumental to their season. They would have been headed into this matchup with LSU undefeated, and a win against the Tigers would have set them up for a pretty nice destination, come bowl season. It’s hard to tell how a team reacts from that type of loss. On a positive note, they get LSU in Starkville. It will be rocking, and it is a winnable game for the Dogs. I know it’s early, but next Saturday feels like a make-or-break moment in the Bulldogs’ season. Lose and they are staring down the barrel of a four game mid-season slide with A&M, and Bama is next on the docket.

Mullen is My Achilles Heel

I absolutely can’t handicap Mullen anymore when it comes to spreads. I used to have a bead on him, but I have lost it. He has bit me three weeks in a row. In the first two I backed him, praising his ability to cover. This week I fade him, and he does just that. I must give props where props are due. It was a heck of a coaching job to get your team off the mat after Bama jumped up big. I mean you still lost to Saban, again, but congrats on making it close. Side note: the Bama road uniform and the Florida home Blue is a solid uniform matchup and has been a part of so many classic games in this league.

And the Rest of the League

Georgia – The Dogs put a chastity belt on the cocks 😂. South Carolina did score late to cover, which messed up my picks. Outside of Beamers funny rant after the game, that’s all I got. I’m sure Nakobe Dean mauled some people.

A&M, Mizzou, LSU, Arky, Vandy – Honest question. Did one person outside of these teams’ fan bases watch one play of any of these games? Didn’t think so.

Kentucky – Same as above, but I did want to mention they almost lost to their nobody. That’s twice they have played with fire. I’m expecting them to make my “give Florida a scare” statement look dumb. That’s on me for having any confidence in Kentucky football.

Tennessee – If a tree falls in the woods and no one see’s it…

Those Other Football Posers

Oklahoma – The Sooners are not a top 4 Team and Spencer Rattler is not playing on the same field as Matt Corral right now.

Notre Dame – This team is hot garbage. Twice now I have based the merits of other teams on how well they played the Domers. Twice I have been dead wrong. Toledo is bad and they should have beat them. FSU is really bad and should have beat them. They shouldn’t be ranked… at all. Wisconsin and Cincinnati will beat them in the coming weeks.

West Virginia – Couches were burning in Morgantown after the Mountaineers upset Hokie. That was our WTF game of the week and WV didn’t disappoint. Now they get a shot at the Sooners. You know… I have actually attended a couch burning. It was in Duncanville, Alabama – appropriate right – I learned things that night I can’t share in print.

Once again, if you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed! Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think! See you all next week! Also, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!!