Football is stupid.

I knew better. I told myself all week that all the odds were against the Rebs and prepare thyself for defeat. However, I am a fan, which is short for fanatic, which is synonymous with Kool-Aid drinking idiot. So naturally as the game drew near, I thought there was a chance. Then everything I suspected and more happened, but I will ponder that in detail later.

Prior to that happening, I watched as Kenneth Walker III introduced himself to everyone in the country that didn’t know him already. He is a stud, and after this past weekend, and the new front runner for the Heisman. And thanks to him, we get to laugh at Harbaugh again. The great Khaki King jut can’t get over the hump.

There weren’t as many games last week, and the biggest one was personal gut punch. But, I am here to ponder it. Don’t forget, subscribe to our YouTube channel and LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!

I’m Not a Smart Man…

…and I don’t have 1/1000th the football knowledge of Lane Kiffin. But I was once a NCAA Football savant, and I would have kicked AT LEAST one of the field goals if not two that were presented. I really want to see the analytics that says you still go for it when you are down 5 of 11 starters and another with two bad ankles. I assume there is some sort of side note for that situation.

Injuries have struck and they are becoming a serious problem for Ole Miss wanting to hang on to something big. Playing a rested Auburn bunch at their voodoo laden stadium was another serious problem. I didn’t expect Kiffin to stick that hard to the analytics in those situations but apparently that’s how it is going to be. And, I’m good with it. I did expect the refs to blow a call or two, but they went above and beyond the normal call of duty.

Look. If the SEC is going to tout the “it just means more” crap, maybe they should pony up and get something better than real estate agents from Alabama to call games in Alabama – and train some professionals. For all the money that is the SEC product, why the hell do we still have local JV refs.

This is by no means a “the refs cost the Rebs the game” bitch fest. I don’t believe that to be the case in the slightest. You see this across the league every week. It hurt Auburn in their game against Georgia. I do believe it affected the game on the first two scores. However, Ole Miss had ample opportunity to take the game over in the second half. The defense kept getting stops and the battered offense didn’t / couldn’t take advantage. Auburn’s defense showed up and slowed the Ole Miss run game, and Tank Bigsby was an unstoppable force in the first half. Crap that guy is good when he gets going. Auburn controlled the game the first half and tried their best to let the Rebs back in it in the second.

Auburn now has a monster match up with A&M at the friendly cult confines of Aggieland. Meanwhile Ole Miss will see the return of one infamous Hugh Freeze. I’m not even going to massage that story line. However, it is long past time for the best football conference to no longer be the worst officiated.

That Escalated Quickly

I have mentioned Mullen being on the hot seat at Florida the last three weeks. The first week was in jest, the second I was a little more serious. Now I am telling you this is the beginning of the end.

The Florida media is now getting to see the defensive side of Dan – which isn’t a pretty look. It’s also one that will turn what support he still has in Gainesville on him rather quickly. The Mullen era in the SEC is nearing it’s close, and I thought that would bring me joy. However, I have a feeling the Gators will be sending planes to Oxford, and that doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies.

Dogs Dominating

It is absolutely criminal that Matt Luke lost Nakobe Dean in the middle of the night on signing day to Georgia and now gets to coach on his team. This Georgia team has a defense as good as any Kirby coached in his early days at Bama. His QB has yet to be called on to win a game and they are dominating everyone.

However, I never count out Bama because they are Bama and do goofy Bama things. If the Tide wants to beat this UGA team they are going to have to do something really Bama, because I think, for the first time, Georgia will have a serious edge going into the game. However, I do question how Georgia handles walking into that game untested. Someone needs to punch them in the mouth to see how they respond. You don’t want that first haymaker to come at the wrong time, and Alabama is certainly capable of delivering one.

Two states over, another set of Dogs were putting on a show. I stated last week that Kentucky better watch out and then picked Mississippi St. to win on our Saturday Morning Cocktail Kickoff show. They said, ‘hold my beer’ and decided to beat Kentucky like a red-headed stepchild. I get these weird vibes about State from time to time, and I had one last week. That Memphis loss is going to sting if the Maroon Dogs keep this up. That loss could be the difference in a better bowl selection – something that seems to be getting better for the dogs by the week. I’m so excited Ole Miss keeps adding to the injury list and gets to play in Starkville in a few weeks. That place will be a hornet’s nest.

Most Exciting Game of the Day

It came from the B1G? Yes, Michigan and Michigan State put on a show. On a day where I think we saw the end of Matt Corral’s Heisman campaign, I’m pretty sure we saw Kenneth Walker III emerge as the new leader. With his team down 16 points, facing the top rushing defense in the B1G, he just made play after play – and Michigan knew he was getting the ball. If Michigan St. continues their dream run and it is on the back of that kid. I then will have no problem seeing him handed the “stiff arming running back” trophy. It is a punch to the gut that injuries derailed Corral’s shot at it.

Corral wasn’t the only one to get derailed Saturday. It looked like this might have finally been the year Harbaugh put it together to take his alma mater to the college football promise land. Alas, he blew it and will remain a colossal bust in Ann Harbor. Thank you Sparty. For that we say bravo, and I will pull for you the rest of the way.

Football is stupid, but I still love it! Until next week!

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