I’m not sure if you noticed, but I have been on a slight hiatus. The Holiday Season was jam packed, so I took a respite. However, the football world didn’t stop, and I’m back to give some of my thoughts from this insane bowl season. Here is a teaser. Auburn fans, your coach is an idiot.

Shockingly, as the college football world has devolved into transfer portals and NIL insanity, it shouldn’t be a surprise that bowl season was an equal ball of mass hysteria. It was the silly season of bowl rosters that hardly resembled those of the season – due to opt outs, illness and transfers. Then, the one bastion of football purity – who decided to play one last game with his team – got injured minutes into the game.

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It was a hell of a showing out of the gate from the premier league in college football, and this plays right into the topic I mentioned earlier. I think the league started 0-4 with an additional no-show. Missouri lost on a last second field goal to Army. I know this because I’m a degenerate and I watched. Army runs the option. Its science that teams with a month to prepare for the option never lose to it. It may be time to consider trading the Tigers for someone… anyone.

Get me somebody. Anybody.

Later, UCF toppled the mighty Florida Gators in the “where the hell did this ‘Gasparilla’ come from” Bowl. Man, Mullen got paid a lot of money to trash that program. I think Napier is an improvement from Dan, but he has a roster disaster on his hands. I guess it’s good he is in talent rich Florida, but they better start shelling out the super NIL money to keep up with the next team that lost.

Where’s the Cult?

Wait… what’s that you tell me? The cult from College Station didn’t lose. Instead, Texas A&M backed out 10 days prior to their scheduled bowl game and had to be replaced by Rutgers? Utter horse shit. They should be fined by the league and not allowed to go to a bowl next year. This is twice they have pulled this type of cowardice and they should be mocked for the swine they are. They backed out against Ole Miss last year because they had one player out – their quarterback, Mond. This year, they forgo a bowl game because – let’s be real – it wasn’t what they wanted. They were a preseason pick to be a playoff contender, and they got stuck in the Gator Bowl. Again, they should be fined and banned from postseason play next year. And to prove the SEC means business, they shan’t be allowed to have dude cheerleaders on the sidelines next year. I hope Jimbo can coach that $30 million group of prospects the Ag boosters bought for him in recruiting. He sure hasn’t proven much thus far.

Auburn, Your Coach is an Idiot

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Coach Harsin had a tendency to pull Tank Bigsby on third-down plays, making it obvious they were going to pass. In fact, routinely this year Auburn would abandon a working running game only to bog down trying to pass. That was on full display in the illustrious Birmingham Bowl. Auburn’s ability to dominate the line-of-scrimmage was evident in the early goings. This is a game they win by three touchdowns if they commit to running the ball. Alas time after time Auburn would get ahead of the chains on first down and immediately abandon the run. The most atrocious offence coming on a series where Auburn needed to run the clock to ice the game. Tank gets 8 yards on first. So naturally you throw it three straight downs, right? Well apparently, they do.  If I were a betting man, and I am, I would bet we see a new coach on the Plains sooner than later.

No Revenge for a Pirate

The Liberty Bowl was supposed to be a revenge game for Mississippi’s State’s Mike Leach. He had gotten the axe from Texas Tech after a bizarre circumstance involving putting a bratty kid in a lawnmower shed. He had led the Red Raiders to some national recognition but was shown the door after that crazy ordeal. Well, this was his chance to exact revenge. Unfortunately, he was short 7 starters due to illness and they go their asses kicked. Note to bettors, Leach is horrible in bowl games. It’s worse when half his team is not playing.

What did you expect?

Alabama got matched up with a non-power five school and Georgia basically got matched up with their practice squad – the same team, just a lot less talent. Bama, unlike little brother on the Plains, saw they could win the game by running it down Cincinnati’s throat – and proceeded to do just that. The two best teams in college football get to do it again. Can Kirby finally tackle the mental hurdle that Saban has become? You know that dude hasn’t slept a minute since Vegas posted his Bulldogs as a 3-point favorite. My prediction is Saban gets him again, but this time around, the whispers of whether Kirby can beat his mentor will turn to screams in some sections of the Peach state.

When you think all the purity in the sport has died…

… a special player and teammate like Matt Corral comes along. In a time where players are opting out left and right – and hey, it’s their choice and I don’t judge them for making it – Corral doesn’t flinch at the thought of suiting up one last time with his brothers at Ole Miss. The kid had every reason to sit – the same way Pickett did at Pitt. They are slotted to be taken as the top two QB’s in the draft. So, it was natural that the stomach of every fan turned when Corral went down in pain to the surface of the Louisiana Superdome.

I was there in the stands. It was as if all the air was sucked out of a stadium that was ¾ full of Ole Miss fans. No one cared about the outcome of the game at that point. We were all just heartbroken for a kid that put it all on the line for the team we love so much – and obviously he does as well. Regardless of the worst possible ending anyone could have imagined to this era, there is no doubt Matt Corral cemented his legacy amongst the greatest of Ole Miss legends.

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