It was another crazy week in college football and elsewhere in the entertainment world. So again, I’ve been pondering, and I’ve got a few things that you need to know.

Gary Danielson Doesn’t Hate Your Team

The fact is Gary is just condescending. He doesn’t think, he knows, that he is smarter than 100% of his listening audience, and he is here every Saturday to bequeath his superior understanding in the ways of the pigskin to all us peasants. His attitude comes off as a prick that just doesn’t like your team. And to top it off, he is a master of stating the obvious, even when he’s obviously wrong.

However, if you can take off your homer colored glasses, I’m really looking at you Bama fans, you would see he does not hate your team, he’s just an ass. Seriously, fans of other teams think he loves him some Tide. How can that be, Tide fans, if he hates you guys so much? I’ll tell you… he just sucks. There isn’t a fan base in the SEC that enjoys his commentary. Maybe we will get really lucky when he moves on and get Jordan Rodgers as his replacement.

COVID Part DEAUX Strikes in Baton Rouge

So, if my short-term memory serves me, Coach O’Chizick announced before the season that the majority of his team already had COVID-19 and “hopefully they don’t catch it again.” Fast forward past a Mississippi State and Auburn beatdown and with the Tide coming, the virus has magically struck again.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with a viral video of him trashing the Tide after last years victory or the fact that his team stinks this year.

Freeze Warning in Harbaugh’s Khakis

Look, I have been pretty hard on Freeze and rightfully so. He showed Ole Miss fans a glimpse of something most haven’t seen since segregation, a winner. Then he trashed it. Don’t give me the “he cheated” crap. Of course, he did, THEY ALL DO. He was just sloppy and got arrogant. If you do that in a big boy league, you better be smart, and he wasn’t. Also, for all the cheating he sure didn’t recruit defense worth a crap.

However, the man can seriously coach. I watched him beat Bama twice and beat much better LSU, Texas A&M, and Mississippi State teams. I also saw him take Liberty two hours down the road and beat supposed ACC power Virginia Tech. Someone big will take a chance on Hand Job Hugh sooner rather than later.

I don’t know, maybe a team with the most overhyped coach in the sport, who is tired of getting boat raced by their archrival in Ohio might make an offer. It’s over in Michigan for Harbaugh, with rumors swirling of a return to the NFL. And with his team’s recent performance, the Khaki era could be rapidly coming to a close. The NFL seems like a perfect escape given the league’s propensity for retreads.

Michigan, much like Bama pre-Saban, needs something fresh. They need someone innovative to reenergize the program and actually win. It may be time to give ol’ Freeze a call. I assume they would build on campus massage parlors at this point to beat Ohio St. or even Indiana.

Jokes aside, I’m willing to bet Freeze learned a few lessons in the Ole Miss debacle, and if he can fix those things, he can be dangerous again on the big stage.

I’ll Take Greatest TV Host in History for $1000, Alex

This isn’t sports, but I really don’t care. This is my column, I’ll write what I want.

On Sunday as I was standing in the Lowes checkout line, I received the alert that Alex Trebek had lost his battle to Pancreatic Cancer, the same that took my father. I immediately had to put my sunglasses on. Not just for the stirred memories of my father, but for the passing of an icon who always seem to stir emotions of a simpler time.

Alex’s voice has been a part of the white noise fabric in my house for over 30 plus years, much like so many millions. He was a part of our lives. We got to feel brilliant when a category came up where we could answer all the questions, and like the biggest moron ever when the Opera category appeared. More than anything, Mr. Trabeck had dignity and class that reverberated through your tv and into your home. He didn’t set the bar for game show hosts, he was the bar.

I would say I will miss that voice in my house, but thanks to modern technology I can watch Jeopardy at any time, so instead I will say thank you. Thank you, Mr. Trabeck, for the wonderful memories and trivia that you have given us for the better part of my life.

Spitting Fire Around the League

I get that Kirby had some bad luck in the QB department this year. I still contend the bad luck was created by not starting Fields when he was obviously the best QB on campus. Seems like a window is closing in Georgia, because as much as it pains me, Dan Mullen and Florida may be about to shut it. That sure looked like two ships passing in the night in Jacksonville to me.

I can’t keep gushing over Sam Pittman. It’s weird. The dude just beat Tennessee, not that they are great. But I feel the need to keep reminding people this team didn’t win an SEC game for two years.

Speaking of… Tennessee you are what you are man. I’m sorry. As much as I love the 90’s and want to halt time, that was two decades ago. Embrace the middle tier, it’s now the ceiling.

Mississippi St., the final leg of my Pick 3, almost lost to Vandy. That is as sobering a win as you can get, and it may be State’s last.

Oh, and apparently COVID-19 has ravaged the league this week. Hopefully, we have games to ponder from this weekend.

Bo Pelini still cashing checks, shoot me!

The Other Teams that Play Football

Never have I been so torn as I was watching Clemson and Notre Dame, in what turned out to be the game of the year thus far. I’ll be real. I don’t like Notre Dame. In my “super” Pick’em league, Clemson was the third leg of a parlay, which is huge. I had every reason to enjoy and cheer on a Clemson victory. Yet there I was internally pulling for the Irish. As much history as I have loathing the Leprechauns, Dabo Sweeny is as endearing as a Cholla Cactus. His act has grown tired. So there I was, adding to the WTF moments of 2020 and enjoying an Irish victory.

There you have it. Respond in the comments and tell me I’m an idiot that doesn’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’m the greatest sportswriter you have ever read. Or just show it to someone, and LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!