Pettey’s Pointless Ponderings – Week 8

Oct 23, 2020 | Pettey's Pointless Ponderings | 0 comments

In this column I will bring you my weekly musings from the week that was in college football.  It likely will be SEC heavy at times, because – well, they’re the king of the mountain right now.  However, I am a football dork, so I will discuss the entire landscape, even sprinkling in some glorious MACtion from time to time. On to thoughts…

This Week in Bama and Everyone Else (The SEC)

This summer I went with the family to Destin. It was nice. At some point we had to make the inevitable Walgreen’s run. As we struggled to find the medication we were looking for, a very helpful fella pointed us in the right direction, unprompted. We chatted, and I learned this was one really nice dude… and he was really familiar looking.

Skip forward a few months, and I assume that same nice fella, who I realized later in the encounter was former Georgia Head Coach, Mark Richt, has to shake his head a little in exoneration. His successor has mimicked the results that cost him the job.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to face the fact: you may get the best of Nick Saban and Bama from time to time. And you will also get the random LSU or Auburn run at a title, but as long as that man is at the Capstone, this is his league. As expected, the defense looked better against a more conventional offense in Georgia. And I would wager they won’t be tested again, like they were in Oxford, from another offense until they see Clemson in the playoff. Yes, year 12 of that rematch is inevitable… yay parody.

Speaking of Ole Miss, and that offense, what a difference a week makes.

I Just Intercepted Matt Corral

As I watched football this Saturday with my oldest angel, even she noticed an emerging trend. EVERYBODY was throwing interceptions. It seemed like every highlight on the day was a pick 6.

Well, my boy Matty Ice made interceptions an art form and said hold my beer. For some perspective, Corral entered the weekend with the best passer rating in the country and was a stat machine who had only thrown 1 pick thru 3 games against Florida, Kentucky and BAMA.

So, how does a team who was 3rd in the country in turnover margin throw 6 picks in one game? Maybe he likes hearing the word “Bingo” (shout out to high school defenses of the 90s). To my co-host, the reason is one simple word, Wind! As it turns out, ole Matty boy didn’t grow up in Hawaii where sustained winds of 30 mph are the daily norm. In any event, that is the point you hit reset and start cussing your friend for cheating at PlayStation.

Ole Miss maybe the only team that reads their press clippings after a moral victory loss. Magic!

And the Plains People Rejoiced

Speaking of interceptions, Golden Boy Bo Nix put on quite the display himself. If you didn’t see that loss in Columbia coming from a mile away, you don’t pay very much attention. Gus lost the fan base long ago. It appears he has now lost the team as well. If Matt Corral decides to throw to his receivers this weekend, instead of his opponent, Auburn could be facing another L…which I would suspect is fine with the folks on the Plains at this juncture.

Are the Vols Back?


In the famous words of some great UA student. They Low down…they dirty….they snitches.

Soooooooooooie Piggggggy

What a dumbly fun cheer. Live it up Hogs. You should be 3-1 and nobody could have predicted the job Pittman has done in the land of Deliverance. If you listen to our podcast like you should, we graded the new coaches last week and Pittman received the highest grade. Although we are proudly a “bunch of fuckin amateurs,” we may actually know what we are talking about from time to time. Also, listen to the damn pod!

Spitting Fire Around the League

COVID-19 saved LSU from another loss Saturday. Therefore, Bo Pelini still gets paid bunches of money to be bad.

Matt Corral just threw another int.

Mississippi State has scored 3 touchdowns in the three games since demolishing LSU. I mentioned last week, there were issues between their star RB and the Pirate.  He didn’t dress out. There are going to be rough waters before it gets smoother in Starkvegas.

Coach Boom… doing just enough to keep that job my man. I’m not impressed with beating Auburn, but he wins most of the games he should.

Kentucky is perennially better than Tennessee now….at football. Hey Kentucky, take those stupid checkers off your sleeve, you’re screwing up good colors.

Everyone who had Missouri as the best Tigers in the league this year in your preseason picks, raise your hand.

The Other Teams that Play Football

Special Shout out to my boy, Riley Cole at South Alabama for getting Sun Belt player of the week after getting 600 tackles in one game. Also, check out his highlight reel, ninja strip-sack-recovery-move, against Tulane that was badass.

Last week in this column I said I didn’t believe in the 8th ranked Tar Heels.  They took one week to prove my point losing to FSU. Again, FSU beating the Heels was an upset.  What a world 2020 is. But hey Carolina those unis are sweeeet!

Dabo, once again you are fool if you leave that conference.

Notre Dame also looked glorious in eeking out a win over that powerhouse Louisville.

Seriously that’s about all there was outside of the SEC.

Hey, the B1G starts this week. We get to start making fun of Harbaugh again. Here’ hoping Minnesota Rows that Boat. Good Times!