Week 8 College Football Picks

Oct 24, 2020 | College Football | 0 comments

The boys at WeekZero Sports are back with another week of crazy picks. They were pretty spot on last week no thanks to the Rebs and Vols. If you take your team serious, don’t proceed. Check us out at weekzerosports.com and give our Podcast a listen!





This Week In the SEC




Auburn @ Ole Miss +3.5 0/u 71.5, Noon, JeffersonPilot, God’s Country



Pettey: Ok, so Corral threw my pick last week to the pigs. I mentioned the game was in Deliverance, it must have felt like that for the Reb signal caller after the game. I think he gets on track this week. (NO HOMER) I also believe the boys on the plains have jumped off the Bus. Rebearsharks™ roll to victory!




Sharks 49 – Eagles 35




Michael: I said it in the podcast, and I’ll say it again. The wind won’t be blowing 30 mph in Oxford today. The Ole Miss offense will get back on track. The Rebel D is still pretty pathetic, so I expect Auburn will have their first good day on the offensive side of the ball. Tune in for the shootout!




Aubarn 40 – Rebels 45





Kentucky @ Missouri +3.5 o/u47, 3:00 E, JeffersonPilot, Somewhere North of the Mason Dixon



Pettey: We have two of the surprise teams in the league. Kentucky has maintained competitiveness under Stoops and Mizzou has played well under their new coach. That’s all I got, no one is watching this game.




Big Blue 38 – Missery 31




Michael: This will be like a baseball game. Blink and you may miss the only good plays. Kentucky might flop coming off their big win last week, but I would expect them to pay the same old boring defense and run the ball game that the SEC conservatives will harken back to as the golden years. I really don’t know who will win this one, and I most definitely will not be watching. Here’s my uneducated guess:




Blue Cats 31 – Mizzu 27





2 Alabama @ Tennessee +21.5 o/u66. 3:30 E, CBS, Rocky Top



Pettey:  My youngest doesn’t know what Alabama losing to Tennessee looks like. She has lived on this planet for a decade. I don’t expect that to change this 4th Saturday in October (lol).




Alabama 49 – Tennessee 17




Michael: Guantanamo Bay, like every other SEC QB, will play out of his mind today. The puke orange Vols may make a game of this at some point. But I don’t think the guys in Crimson are scared of them. Bama handles the game, but keep an eye out for Saban to backdoor us – because, as Petty has told us, Saban hates gamblers.




Alabama 44 – Tennessee 21





South Carolina @ LSU -5 o/u55, 7:00 E, ESPN, Not So Death Valley



Pettey:  I saw State do it, I saw Mizzouri do it.  Enough for me.




Boom 28 – O’Chizick 24




Michael: LSU sucks. They’re 13th in the SEC.




Cocks 27 – LSU 13





Other Notable Games




18 Michigan @ 21 Minnesota +3.5 o/u 53.5, 7:30 E, ABC, Minasoda



Pettey:  Harbaugh is the biggest tool in coaching and Fleck is a goof ball… And, if you read my other article, he would be a perfect fit for the plains people. Give me the better coach and home team.




Khaki Wearing Jackass 21 – Row Tha Boat 31




Michael: Harbaugh. LOL. I expect he will look like he’s trying to squeeze out a dump on the sidelines for most of the game, as is tradition. Michigan’s offense will look worse than LSU’s until they get desperate and try to air it out. By then it will be too late.




UMich 13 – UMinn 24





Tampa Bay Devil Rays v Los Angeles Dodgers +150, o/u 8, 8:00 E, Fox, For some stupid reason Texas



Pettey:  I did this solely to make my partner lose his shit. Baseball drives him nuts (although he does like the Series). La leads 2-1, but I have to go with my hometown Rays in game 4.




Rays 7- Dodgers 4




Michael: I’m going to flip a coin. Here we go… tails! I’m taking the away team Dodgers. Roll Tide. *beats face against wall to try and forget baseball*

Rays 3 – Dodgers 4