Fun with numbers.

Numbers can tell such a story. They provide timelines. They can create seemingly unsurmountable deficits, and they can deceive. All of these were on display in another intoxicating weekend of college football.

Everyone continues to talk themselves into believing this is the week Georgia looks mortal. Then Georgia crushes. Their biggest obstacle of the season will be waiting in Atlanta in the form of Alabama. We are also looking at a unicorn moment – with a rare, high-stakes Egg Bowl on the horizon. And finally, a future SEC team helped snap the most ridiculous streak in sports – to my knowledge.

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The first important number from this college football weekend: 25.

That’s how many years the Auburn eagle, Spirit, has lived. Spirit made his final flight on the plains during a picturesque fall Saturday, last weekend. The irony of that bird’s name is not lost on this fellow. Sprit witnessed the Tigers blowing a lead – equivalent to his age – to Mississippi St. I would say “I’m not sure how that is possible,” but I’m an Ole Miss fan. I saw Hugh Freeze do it twice in one season.

It’s still no less perplexing when it happens, but when it does, it has a certain unmistakable look. You see it start to click for the team that was losing, and the team with a huge lead has siren sang themselves into a funk they can’t shake – until it’s too late. This one will sting the Auburn Family for a while. It would have set up a monster Iron Bowl.

Like I mentioned earlier this year, Mike Leach is a horrible fit for Mississippi St. So much so he has now knocked off three ranked opponents in one season – numbers again. Something no other coach in MSU history has done. He orchestrated State’s biggest comeback in school history, eclipsing the 25-point margin. He is a field goal kicker and a screw job from some refs in Memphis away from being 8-2. Boy I nailed that one! State is now that team no one really wants to play.

The Egg Bowl is getting bigger by the week. It’s very rare that this game has much meaning outside of who wins the annual on the field fight and has in state bragging rights with your neighbors. Ole Miss is vying for an New Year’s 6 Bowl and State could propel themselves to a better – warmer destination with a victory. As if this game needed more fuel.

Next on the important numbers list: 405 equaled 15.

Ole Miss had a dominating 405 yards of total offense in the first half – that somehow only led to 15 points. Those numbers speak to what should have been a blowout over Texas A&M, but a blowout doesn’t result in late game heart palpitations that my Rebels often so lovingly induce.

Alas, the Rebels defense of all things, rose to the occasion. They were able to get two late interceptions that sent the men wearing ice cream suits back to the land of the 12th man – I’m talking about their all-dude cheerleader squad if you haven’t been playing along.

I must admit, I still don’t believe the Rebel success is real, and something will happen to blow it all up. But… considering where Ole Miss was when Kiffin arrived versus where they are today is insane.

Ole Miss just hosted Gameday in November and not as a ‘token.’ Not only that, they won. I get they aren’t in the title discussion with Bama and Georgia… yet, but it beats the hell out of the alternative.

So now it is PSA time. State and Ole Miss have been here before. It was 6 years ago, and in a matter of two years, you tore each other to the ground like the damn Starks and Lannister’s. Can we please avoid destruction this time? Winning is fun. Lets try it for a while.

Fast Numbers from Around the League

Fifty – That was the spread in the Alabama game. They covered.

Fifty-two – That is the number of points Florida gave up to Samford. Oh boy, it’s going to be a fun week for Florida reporters.

Seventeen – This is not only a massive hit from power band Winger, but apparently the amount of points it takes for Tennessee to claim a moral victory against Georgia. And I thought they were back.

Zero – This is the number of plays I saw from South Carolina, Missouri, Kentucky and Vanderbilt this weekend.

Nine Bazillion – That is the weight of that stupid trophy in the Arkansas / LSU “rivalry”. Seriously, some kid is going to drop it one day and decapitate someone.

One Number Left

Fifty-six. Fifty freaking six. That is how many times the Kansas Jayhawks have lost conference football games on the road in a row. How the hell is that even possible. Vanderbilt even laughs at that stat. Well, they could last week, but now they are the new leader in the clubhouse at 11 – thanks to the mighty Longhorns of Texas and their embarrassing loss to Texas. Listen steers, your audition for the SEC has been a big old crap sandwich. I think you know this, but it doesn’t get easier in the land of “It Just Means More” – in everything but referees.

That’s all the math I’m doing for another decade. If you read along, I appreciate you more than you know and am thinking of you now. Also, if you made it this far you might as well subscribe to our YouTube channel and LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!